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In this English lesson, Professor Scaramuzzi will delve into the intriguing reign of Charles I. Explore the tumultuous period of English history when political tensions and conflicts reached a boiling point, ultimately leading to the English Civil War. Professor Scaramuzzi will provide a comprehensive overview of Charles I’s reign, examining his policies, religious conflicts, and strained relationship with Parliament. You will gain insights into the key events that led to the outbreak of the Civil War and the eventual execution of the King. Through primary source analysis and historical context, you will develop a deeper understanding of the political, social, and cultural climate of the time. Professor Scaramuzzi will discuss the major figures and factions involved in the conflict and the repercussions that shaped the future of England. This lesson offers a fascinating exploration of a critical period in English history, highlighting the complexities of power, politics, and revolution. Join Professor Scaramuzzi as she unravels the captivating story of Charles I and the dramatic events that unfolded during his reign. #CharlesI #EnglishCivilWar #EnglishHistory #PoliticalTensions #PowerStruggles #Revolution