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In this English lesson, Professor Marullo will guide you through a captivating exploration of the Golden Age of Elizabeth I. Discover the remarkable reign of Queen Elizabeth I and the profound impact it had on the arts, literature, and culture of England. Professor Marullo will delve into the historical and political context of Elizabethan England, shedding light on the key events and achievements of this influential era. You will gain insights into the flourishing of literature, theater, and music during this period, as well as the advancements in exploration and trade. Learn about the iconic figures who emerged during the Elizabethan era, such as William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe, and their enduring contributions to English literature. Professor Marullo will also discuss the Queen’s patronage of the arts and her role in fostering a climate of creativity and innovation. This lesson offers a fascinating glimpse into a time of cultural renaissance and artistic brilliance. Join Professor Marullo as she brings to life the vibrant tapestry of the Golden Age of Elizabeth I. #ElizabethanEngland #GoldenAge #QueenElizabethI #Literature #Theater #CulturalRenaissance